• Poultry Breed Painting Collection
  • Poultry Breed Painting Collection

    The WATT Global Media collection of poultry breed paintings (1926-1950) is the largest single collection of rare poultry breed portraits worldwide.

    The complete collection is comprised of 57 framed oil paintings created by three American artists, A.O. Schilling, L. Stahmer and F.L. Sewell, and was commissioned by J.W. Watt, founder of Watt Publishing Company in the mid-1920s.

    A selection of portraits from the collection were displayed at the Rockford Art Museum Art Annex in the fall of 2011.

    WATT Global Media is seeking additional locations to display the complete collection. For more information on displaying the WATT Global Media collection of poultry breed paintings, please view the video below and contact Greg Watt at gwatt@wattnet.net or +1.815.966.5517 for more information.


  • Poultry Breed Painting Collection





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