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    Obtain the professional opinions and insights you need with research services from WATT Global Media. We provide access to highly engaged audiences in the global animal agribusiness and petfood industries.

      By leveraging our relationships with more than 100,000 professionals worldwide, we can gather valuable data and insights to help you reach your business goals.

     Our team of highly accredited research experts adheres to the highest standards in primary business-to-business research. We are ready to customize a study designed to address your specific objectives and needs.

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    • Data gathering in critical areas such as: market position, brand recognition among competitors, advertising effectiveness, direction for new product development, customer satisfaction and more.
    • Benchmarking, list acquisition, survey creation and distribution services.
    • A qualified, responsive database of industry decision makers.

     “Whether your needs are exploratory or you want to quantify market opportunities, WATT Global Media’s professional researchers have the experience to recommend the right method for your needs and budget. Sometimes research needs require a hybrid approach which might incorporate in-depth interviews or focus groups in conjunction with an online survey or mobile application. You can trust our team to present the best options for your consideration. Our expertise, coupled with industry knowledge and strong databases for sample selection, provide a fully developed research program.”
    – Joyce Neth, Vice President, Director of Audience Development & Research

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    Brand awareness

     A feed ingredient supplier needed to measure brand awareness and perceptions for its brand and specific products among poultry and swine growers and nutritionists in Asia and Latin America.

     The objectives were to measure respondents’ familiarity with the feed ingredient supplier’s brand and product features, as well as its competitors’ brands and product features, and the accuracy of connection of brand with company names.

     WATT Research developed a questionnaire in a collaborative process with the client. The questionnaire consisted of 10 questions in order to maximize responses in a short time period. WATT’s Industria Avicola editor translated the questionnaire into Spanish for distribution to Latin America. The client specified job functions for target respondents in the poultry and swine industries in Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

     Insight from the respondents led the client to differentiate marketing messages and tactics in these areas to clear up misperceptions about its brand and confusion with competitors.

    Competitive trends

     A global feed additive company needed more responses to its annual product use survey, which it had been distributing only to poultry nutritionists. WATT Research collaborated to enhance the questionnaire and distribute it to a broader audience. Upon analysis of the larger number of responses, the company learned that its product was not as well-known as originally thought (due in part to lack of advertising) and found that there were more decision makers outside of those who indicate job titles of veterinarians and nutritionists.

     WATT Research has conducted five annual studies to monitor the company’s competitive position. The results are used to guide changes in its advertising and marketing messages.

    Product development

     To aid new product development, an equipment and machinery company wanted to learn more about manufacturers’ production needs for a particular product.

     WATT Research collaborated with the company to develop a questionnaire that would provide its new product development department with relevant information from current or potential buyers. The sponsor and reason for the survey were clearly communicated to respondents.

     The survey received 1,022 responses, demonstrating respondents were willing to provide information directly to an industry manufacturer. The results of the study were submitted to product development to help guide the team in designing new equipment and machinery.

    Market expansion

     A leading supplier to seafood processors wanted to learn more about the use of specific materials handling supplies by petfood manufacturers, in light of increased food safety regulations. Further, this survey would introduce this supplier to the market and offer an opt-in for more information about its products. With a desire to target decision makers at the plant operations level, the sample was considerably smaller than our typical project. However, the survey resulted in a number of qualified leads for the supplier.  

    Campaign Effectiveness 

     A poultry housing manufacturer’s goal was to determine its market position among competitors by asking customers about their supplier preference for specific types of housing equipment and factors that influence purchase decisions. WATT Research emailed survey invitations to 3,753 addresses from our subscriber list. We received 245 responses for a response rate of 6.5%.

     Results were used to focus sales tactics and advertising messages. This study served as a baseline for a follow up study conducted two years later to measure changes following an acquisition of another company and the results of a rebranding campaign.  

    Ad concept testing

     Before making final decisions on creative for a new ad campaign for poultry and swine products, a feed additive manufacturer wanted to test different ads in Asia, Middle East/North Africa and Latin America. WATT Research created a questionnaire based on the Ad Effect® questions, enabling the responses to be benchmarked against other ads in that category. Comments collected raised concerns about the use of certain images across diverse cultures. Questions and creative were translated into Spanish for the Latin American audience and into Mandarin for China.

     Survey findings guided the marketing team as they determined final ad placements in regional publications without concern for misunderstandings due to culture or language.

    Qualitative research for deeper insights

     A supplier of feed mill information management solutions was seeking a deeper understanding of customer needs before planning product enhancements and marketing outreach. WATT Research recommended qualitative research in the form of individual interviews with a small number of selected customers and prospects. WATT Research solicited respondents for individual phone interviews, collaborated with the client to develop interview questions and prepared a comprehensive report summarizing themes from interview transcripts.

     The client gained actionable insights that translated into plans which were implemented in product improvements enthusiastically received by customers.

     “The study let us set a general benchmark for awareness and where we can improve.”
    -- Ronda Williams, Communications Manager, Amlan International

     “The survey most definitely shows that [we are] headed in the right direction based on the last three years. What is really attractive about the survey is that it shows where are our gains are from versus our competitors.”
    -- Product Manager, Poultry Equipment Manufacturer

     “I’m very pleased with the overall global response and delivery…great work, thanks to the WATT team!”
    -- Morten Baggesen, Marketing Manager, Animal Health & Nutrition, Chr. Hansen A/S

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